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Cactus Facts –  What We Are All About!

Cactus Facts –  What We Are All About!

Before any products are reviewed here on Cactus Facts, we first would like to give you an idea on why some types of cactus are so beneficial to your health.  People have been using prickly pear cactus as an ANTI-Cancer agent successfully.   I would prefer to take cactus juice any day over chemotherapy.  Also, you can prevent hangovers the next day by drinking cactus juice before consuming alcohol.  Another thing to mention is the amount of antioxidants that reside inside cactus pears.  So lets get a little more in depth about what things are possible with some cactus nutrients!

Cactus Facts – The Nopal Cactus

There are so many names you will find the nopal cactus under like, opuntia, cactus pear fruit, nopol, prickly pear, tuna cardona, westwood-pear, and the list goes on.  So now that we know some of the names you will see it as in the health food store, lets find out some uses.  Accordings to different websites like Wellness.com,  nopal cactus is used to treat type 2 diabetes by lowering blood sugar.  The doses taken are 100 to 500g of broiled stems, divided into three equal amounts and consumed throughout the day states the NMCD(Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database).  Some other known uses are for high cholesterol, colitis, obesity, viral infections, diarrhea and BPH(benign prostatic hypertrophy).  One of the main selling points that you will see in a lot of nopal cactus products is the reduction of inflammation and constipation. So by now you must think, why isnt everyone using cactus in their everyday life?  Well it all starts with just one person at a time.

Cactus Facts – Cactus Leaf Fights Cancer

Two plant compounds that are a key component for cactus leafs antioxidant properties are, phenolics and flavonoids.  These antioxidants protect your healthy cells from damage of free radicals and will hypothetically slow the aging process explains the National Cancer Institute.  The cactus leaf can protect the immune system also preventing oxidative stress.  Some people unfortunately suffer side effects from taking certain types of cactus.  Symptoms could include difficulty breathing, skin rashes, chest pains, water loss, and a bowel movement increase.

The next articles posted will be more specific and in-depth about certain aspects of cactus and their benefits.  Feel free to contact us or comment below.

Spencer D

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If this article comes with the fact (just like what this site calls), then I wowed this article. I really thank you for providing such this thing. This thing is great! in my backyard, my parents plant prickly pear and we all thought that this is just a plant, I mean there is nothing to do with our health. Definitely we want to get benefits from this plant but I hope you can post some recipes on how to consume this prickly pear. Thanks again.

I had no idea that cactus leaves could be used to fight off cancer. Such an interesting article and it gives a lot of us hope for finding a cure eventually. Great site and post.


This is new to me. Cactus does helps in so many ways. I’m interested with its antioxidant properties found in cactus leaf. Cactus leaf help in boosting our immune system.

Thank you for this awesome article. I’m pretty sure the soonest weekend will be my time for planting cactus in my little backyard.


I never knew that cactus can benefit our body (aside from getting water from it when stranded on a desert). This is entirely new to me too.

There are over 2,000 species of cacti, with various shapes and forms. Even the smallest cactus species have large roots, which can be very profound or superficial, absorbing water from the soil. Cereus cacti have white flowers, while Opuntia species use to have red, pink, yellow or violet flowers. Saguaros are found exclusively in the Sonoran Desert.

Everyone thinks that cactus is a useless plant, but by reading your article I came to know the hidden facts of the cactus.

One more unique plants that are proven efficacious drug, but almost no risk, maybe we will find it hard to get the cactus for medicinal ingredients

There are so many benefits of cactus. It is very terrible. Now I have understood that cactus is very important for our life.

It is very useful for health.Cactus leaf helps in boosting our immune system.

This layout is very tasteful, and you wrote the subject matter quite well thanks. great site

Thank you very much for sharing such a informational and good article.
Before this i didn’t know about the cactus and its too many uses, it was really great and new for me.

I never knew how powerful the cactus plant was in boosting our immune system..

I had no ideea that cactus plants are so beneficial to our health. Great article


Thank you for this well written post on this interesting cactus. You have assisted me with my research on the cactus fruit nopal-)
Warmly The Eat Healthy Guy-)

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