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Cactus Facts – When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Plants?

Cactus Facts – When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Plants?

So how are your plants looking lately?  I hope well and vibrant, but what if they have lost their luster a bit?  Well, cleaning your plants is the fast and easy way to bring back that shine and cactus facts will tell you how in today’s post.

Cactus Facts – Have You Checked Your Diaper Bag Lately?

You might think that I have been in the sun too long, and I have!  So coming back indoors to my plants, I pull out some baby wipes to clean things up.  Thats right!  Baby wipes are a great way to clean up your plants unwanted dust.  Keeping clean plants is crucial to its health and appearance.  You may not know it, but all the junk hanging out on your plant can inhibit its breathing.  If you don’t have baby wipes, then mild soap and cloth are an easy replacement.

Another great benefit of keeping clean plants in your house is it prevents insects.  Looking for spider mite webs or other bug indicators will let you know if you have been slacking.  So, whip out those baby wipes and remove any sticky “honeydew” or hard scale.  Also, picking up after your plant will reduce insects.  Cleaning up dead foliage from the soil and around the pot area is key.  This almost makes plant care sound high maintenance and it could be depending on how many plants you have.  It’s all worth it in the end to have beautiful looking plants though.  So get cleaning!

Spencer D

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I love cacti! I have little ones decorating my window sill. My cats are so funny around them too. They’re afraid of the spiky plants hehe

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