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Does Your Cactus Suffer From Desiccation?

Does Your Cactus Suffer From Desiccation?

Here at Cactus Facts we have discussed the importance of not over watering your cacti, but what happens to cacti when under watering occurs.  Well, desiccation settles in.  Some people believe the myth that you don’t need to water cacti.  To be truthful, cacti are water lovers. Now it is easy to over water, but give them little to no water and they eventually will die.  The water cactus store gives them a buffer of time until the next rainfall or the next watering but as you can see in the picture, desiccation has affected this plant. Now, if a cactus receives water again after desiccation has occurred it will put on some more growth.  One of the main factors that effects desiccation is temperature. When it gets hot outside and cacti want light and water for optimal growth, and water runs out the cactus will become dormant and shut down. Of course if conditions don’t improve then the cactus will die.

Giving Your Cactus The Right Amount of Water After Desiccation

The first thing you would think of to resolve desiccation is to give your cactus lots of water. In this case you would be wrong. It is to the plants advantage to start off with small increments and work your way up over many weeks. Plants suffering from desiccation have lost roots and won’t be able to utilize the water as effectively.  Over time the roots will grow back but give your plants time to heal and then you can start giving your cacti more water.  If you give it to much water too fast, rot will take place because of damp soil.  If you are confused about what potting soil you should use, please refer to our cactus soil article.  The best way to check the health of your cacti plants is its visual indicators.  So please keep an eye on your plants because they are communicating with you.  Next article from Cactus Facts will be about the dangers of sunburn and your cacti.

Yummy Cactus Jerky

Something I stumbled across was cactus jerky which looks incredibly good.  I have posted a picture of the jerky and will have to find their order info if you guys are interested.  If you have links of your own cactus product, please send us a link through the comments and we will check out what you have.  I thought the jerky would be a nice peice because its dehydrated cactus =)

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