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Cactus in Sonoran Desert Region Going High Tech.

Cactus in Sonoran Desert Region Going High Tech.

State representatives in Arizona areimplanting Cacti around the state as well as additional wild plantswith tiny microchips produced to resist poachers, they are trying toconserve and also shield plant life. The Saguaro Cactus, (which isthe poster child for the cactus family) is discovered frequentlywithin all Sonoran living landscapes. It makes this Cactus Type muchmore vulnerable amongst the possible poachers. These cactus rustlerssteal and then resell the cacti to contractors and nurseries thatspecialize in southwestern landscape design.

Authorities also in Palm Desert, CA. anupmarket town 125 miles east of Los Angeles, say they have actuallylost more than $ 20,000 worth of the plants over the last couple ofmonths. Specifically valued is the golden barrel cactus, a small,round sampling that can get 100 to 1000 dollars based of off itssize. Officials say the financial recession is mostly inciting thethefts allowing them to turn a profit on this type of plantvegetation.

The thefts dramatically soared up atthe earlier part of this year as “The economy took a dive”,said Spencer Knight, the city’s landscape manager. with reports ofdesirable types vanishing from both municipal landscape designs andexclusive yards. “But just how do you advise one yard barrelcactus from one more? Even if we located it, we might not verify itwas our stolen plant product.” Knight points out.  The complication motivated police aswell as officials in the town of 50,000 to advise micro-chipping thecacti, a method due to start in the next 30 days.

“The chip is twice the size of agrain of rice,” Mr Knight said. “There’s an injection toolfor injecting it then the cactus seals itself over afterwords.”Each cactus if believed to be stolen can be scanned with a hand heldcomputer to read a bar code to find out who may have ownership of theplant.

By placing these Radio ID Chips or assome call them, “RFID Tags” the same ones you can get for yourfamily pets and animals for around $4 dollars, officials believe itwill likely slow town thieves attempting to steal and sell thesebeloved icons of the desert. Each tag will be injected into thecactus by needle and should stay there for 70 to 200 year / or thelife of the cactus in most cases.

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