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Cactus Types – Do you know your Cactus Alphabet?

Cactus Types – Do you know your Cactus Alphabet?

Growing up one song I think almost 99% of American children sing or have sung is that of the ABC’S.  As I was sitting here thinking about the many different cactus types that we are exposed to on a daily basis I decided to research and find thetop twenty six different kinds of cacti that grow and match them up, each one getting its own character of the alphabet A through Z. The list comprised below is the top researched and well known cacti that I concluded with my search of the World Wide Web.

26 Alphabetical Cactus Types to Remember

  1. Alabama Hills Beavertail PricklyPear

  2. Big Hatchet Snowball Cactus

  3. Chisos Mountain Hedgehog Cactus

  4. Desert Valley Fishhook Cactus

  5. Espinha De Santo Antonio

  6. Few-Spined Turk’s-Cap Cactus

  7. Golden Easter Lily Cactus

  8. Heil’s Devil’s-Claw Cactus

  9. Indian Strawberry Cactus

  10. Junior Tom Thumb Cactus

  11. Knowlton’s Pincushion Cactus

  12. Leding’s Hedgehog Cactus

  13. Mexican Night-Blooming Cereus

  14. Nichol’s Turk’s-Head Cactus

  15. Organ Mountain Foxtail Cactus

  16. Peach Springs Canyon Cholla

  17. Quisco De La Precordillera DeArica

  18. Reddish Purple Prickly Pear

  19. Scheer’s Strong-Spined Cory-Cactus

  20. Trelease’s Beavertail Prickly Pear

  21. Uinta Basin Cactus

  22. Violet Easter Lily Cactus

  23. Whipple’s Rose-ColoredDevil’s-Claw Cactus

  24. Xique-Xique

  25. Yellow-Flowered Alicoche

  26. Zacamsotz

Each one has its own specific value and purpose even though most have little to no value for human livelihood or agriculture. Just recently newly published articles and stories has actually shown that indigenous natives have actually been living off the plants for thousands of years and have used most plants for their healing properties. One genre in particular that has over three hundred species and is common and wide spread is that of the Optuniaor “Prickly Pear.” Even though it is mainly found within the Sonoran Desert found within the Southwestern United States. Scientist and researcher are starting to really use its characteristics to help people assist issues that may be stemmed from inflammation or chronic illnesses within the body.

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