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Nopaljito- A Cactus Drink Recipe, developed from the Nopal Cactus to please any guest.

Nopaljito- A Cactus Drink Recipe, developed from the Nopal Cactus to please any guest.

Cactus Recipe – Typically, any alcoholic Mojito drink, you consume will contain and consist of your five basic components: White Rum, Sugars (Traditionally sugar cane juice), Lime Juices, Sparkling Water as well as Mint.  An original Cuban recipe utilizes spearmint or even Yerba Buena, a good mint assortments can be extremely popular around the remote island when a Mojito is being developed.

Most Mojitos have the mixture of sweet taste, rejuvenating citrus fruit as well as mint flavors which are generally designed to enhance the actual potent kick from the rum. The creation of the Mojito developed this kind of clear highball a favorite summer time beverage. Typically this type of alcoholic drink includes a fairly lower alcohol content level (around 10%-15% alcohol simply by its volume).

When preparing any Mojito, lime juice can be included with sugars (or syrup) as well as mint leaves. Typically the concoction is then smoothly mashed with a Muddler. All the mint leaves must merely end up being bruised to produce the primary oils and really should never get shredded. Next rum will be included and the blend will be quickly stirred in order to break down the actual sugars in order to raise any mint leaves upward from the base meant for much better presentation for a customer. Last but not least, this beverage can be topped together with some ice cubes as well as (sparkling) soda water. Fresh mint leaves as well as lime slices are utilized in order to garnish any glassware one maybe using.

Even though Mojitos are known as one of the most well known highballs that is rum based there has been a variety and several different variations of this consumed beverage.  One recipe that I like to use is that with syrup from the Nopal Cactus. Here is the secret Cactus Recipe I use to entertain my family and friends.


Ingredients / Preparation time: 5-10 minutes


1.5 ounces BACARDI Rum


Twelve fresh spearmint leaves


1/2 lime


7 ounces club soda


2 tbsp. simple Syrup / Nopal Cactus Syrup (or 4 tsp. sugar)

Gently crush your mint and gently squeeze your lime into a cold glass. Next pour prickly pear syrup (or a syrup of your choice) into the glass so that it’ll cover and also fill up with ice.  Add your Bacardi Rum, the club soda, and then stir your promising mojito well. You can Garnish with a lime wedge and a few sprigs of mint for extra flavor. Enjoy!

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